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Inspired By Faith, Secured​ By Family




Brian K. Nolan is the Co-Founder of Live Desert Holdings Corporation. His goal is to provide a business model that is guided by integrity and loyalty. Every member of his team must succeed so that the accumulated wealth derived from all our operating companies creates generational rewards.

Before starting LDHC Brian owned and operated a variety of businesses. In addition, Brian served in the United States Air Force. From the inception of LDHC, Brian has spent extensive time educating himself on the benefits of operating business entities under a holdings company umbrella. Brian's training, leadership, and devotion to providing resources, guidance and delivering the highest caliber results, has created an environment where the LDHC and their diverse team can connect with our subsidiaries and provide customized resources to the heart-beating people we are serving.

Brian loves music and holds a BA in Music Management from Full Sail University.  

Brian is a person of Faith with a servants heart.  He is also a musician and songwriter, so harmony, peace, music, and symbiotic relationships are always in the backdrop of his life.

Amy Heinrich-McCallum



Amy McCallum is Co-Founder of Live Desert Holdings Corporation. Her primary goals are as follows; provide a work atmosphere that is inviting to individuals with unique and diverse gifts and talents, utilize and appreciate those gifts and talents so that LDHC, their team, and subsidiaries flourish for generations to come, and lastly, to provide preeminent customer service, awareness, and education to our subsidiaries and investors.

Amy has enjoyed a career in dental health for over 30 years. She has an extensive background and training in strategic planning, building, and managing from inception to fruition service-related businesses. As the daughter of an entrepreneur, she has learned and embraces it takes a team of diverse minds and visionaries to bring an idea to actualization. Amy’s forte is training up and supplying her team with the education and tools to provide customized and exceptional customer service. This model of paying attention to the small details has netted both loyalty and satisfaction in her and in any goods or services she endorses.

Amy enjoys entertaining and her family, both human and furry.  Amy also has a strong Faith and holds on tightly to the strength, joy, peace, and love, that Faith provides.  

Amy Heinrich-McCallum



Debbie Weigert is the Purchasing Manager for Live Desert Holdings Corporation. Her goal is to provide the highest level of attention to detail and efficiency related to the planning, directing, and coordinating the activities of our buyers and purchasing officers. She will also oversee the purchasing of materials, products and services on behalf of our Live Desert team members and our Live Desert consumers and business partners.

Debbie is the proud owner of her own company. She has been providing exceptional and comprehensive ministrations in customer service, accounting, and office management for a diverse range of clients for over 30 years. LDHC is excited to bring her on board to oversee the company’s purchasing department and to ensure a seamless operation. At LDHC, our bottom line is our team and their financial interests. Debbie understands and embraces the responsibility she has to our stakeholders and she will be an integral part of maintaining transparency as well as keeping all our budgetary goals in sync with our financial goals. 

Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, camping, and traveling. She also plays a mean pickleball game!



Neil Marutani is the VP of IT for Live Desert Holdings Corporation.  His goal is to provide ubiquitous, secure, and seamless access to technology resources in all of its forms.  Neil will deliver this access to the Live Desert Team, subsidiaries, and consumers alike.  Neil has over 27 years of IT experience. in the following industries:  Credit Card, Logistics, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Cardiology, Energy, and  Health Care.  With that experience, he has gained the mastery needed for developing both strategic direction and execution of all Live Desert IT operations. His expertise, as well as his innovation, will also lay the foundation for a steadfast and resilient infrastructure.   Not only that,  Neil's proficiency in all of these disciplines will serve every facet of the Live Desert brand.   Neil is the kind of individual that has unwavering dedication to ensuring his fellow employees and customers receive the best in class service.   He will do this through customization and utilization of various techniques and frameworks  that are designed to meet the immediate and long term needs of those he serves.  This frame of mind has resulted in numerous accolades and project fulfillments.  

Neil enjoys time well spent with his daughter and joyrides touring beautiful Arizona in his convertible.